Start your brand


More and more people want to be their own boss and start their own business, work from home or from wherever and enjoy every single day. And there’s nothing wrong with this. The internet is full with success stories and money making recipes. What we tend to forget in our daily pursuit of motivation is that very few of these stories give us a clue about the beginnings and we tend to believe that it’s either a piece of cake that everyone does noawadys, either it’s hard or not for everyone as all these success cases don’t speak about the background, the local economy, the family, the rich aunt that died and the money inherited that was so great for that initial investment.. and so on.

This is why it might be usefull to ask ourselves one question before starting our own brand: do I really want to? The only challenge is that this one question will lead to thousands:

Do I really want to put my hopes in that dream?

Do I really want to dedicate all my time to that?

Am I ready to be disappointed in case people won’t see my brand the way I see it?

Am I able to constantly motivate myself? Do I have friends that can help me with that in case I lose my motivation?

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

How can I avoid that?

What if I fail?

Can I help other with my brand?

Is it a good idea?

Is it original enough?

What if it’s too original?

What if I won’t make any money?

How will I survive?

…and so on, depending on how advanced your overthinking affection is.

The secret is to answer this question only „Do I really want to?” and cut any string attached to other questions. And since you’re reading this, it is abvious that you want to start own brand, but you’re not sure yet. You’ll never be. So why not start now? If you have the brain to come up with this idea, you have the brain to come up with solutions.

It’s not impossible, but it’s going to be hard at times. I know it’s not something you want to hear, but it is something you have to be aware of. You will take bad decissions, you will probably lose some money on stupid so-called investments, you will fail. So what? What you can do, is fail quickly! Fail as much as you can, fail as much as you afford and do it quckly because this is the only way to learn. You can read success stories or you can write your own.

Your Brander is here to keep your motivation level high, to give you the harsh truth and the pep talk after that.

So what’s that business idea that you always had but never had the guts to actually start it?